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Various solutions for every use case and process

Dalenta provides multiple management tools where efficiency can be further maximized and every information you have are being used to its maximum potential so that you can focus more on what matters.

Manage Sales

Everything you need to start and run a business

With Sales Management, have access to easy POS to take payments, inventory management to keep track of stocks, reports to measure performance and many more features to fulfill your business needs.

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Manage Sales

Manage Customers

Stay connected and learn about your customers

Customers Management allows you to have a bigger picture of your customers activities and history. From there, you can gain insights on how to better interact with them to improve your business.

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Manage Customers

Manage Employees

Easier way to keep your employees accountable

With Employee Management, you can now measure the working hours of your employees based on the shifts assigned and have it recorded in detail within the back-office.

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Manage Employees

Manage Visitors

Visitor management solution for front-desk

With Visitors Management, create a welcoming process for your guests and collect the information you need to keep your working environment safe.

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Manage Visitors

Every benefits for every business

Learn how various business from different industries can use Dalenta’s products

For Restaurants

End-to-end sales and operations process for restaurants. From ordering, preparing, until serving.

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For Retail

Advanced inventory management and reporting to further simplify your retail shop management.

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For Golf

The only golf software you need to manage tee times, rate cards, and other essentials for golf courses.

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For Organizations

Manage your large number of employees across the workplace as well as manage visitors.

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Your business type is not here? Or do you need to consult with us for the best use case for your business?

Your business adventure should start with an easy to use system

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Multiple businesses. Various industries. One Super Dashboard


Wider perspective

For higher-ups, Dalenta hub provides a better understanding of how your businesses are performing as a whole.

Master actions

Easily do any actions within Dalenta Hub and have it reflected on any selected locations you desire.

Locations management

Within Dalenta Hub, you can add locations, choose their business type, and manage them.

Centralized database

All data from multiple locations are compiled within the Dalenta Hub ready for you to access.

Combined reports

Various reports from multiple locations can be compiled into one single report for easier summarized insights.

Role access

Easily give access and roles across multiple locations to whomever you want within the Dalenta Hub.


Face Recognition Device

Futuristic solution to recognize anyone

The Face Recognition device allows you to better sell products, manage employees, and welcome visitors in a futuristic way. This also means new possibilities where there are no physical contact, faster procedures, and lesser costs for labor.

99.9% recognition accuracy

3 seconds scanning speed

Face mask detection

Body temperature detection

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Face Recognition Device

Other hardwares to get your business up and running

Use our exclusive hardwares to manage sales and operate your business. From collecting payments, managing products, and entering customer information. You will find many things can be done with just the help of one device.

The future of your business is in good hands when you’re with Dalenta

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Why businesses love using our products, and why you should too!

It’s easy to use

When it comes to ease of use, we did our research and built it with you in mind so that every step can be effortlessly used.

Everything’s connected

Managing multiple business’ sales, customers, inventory, and visitors has never been easier with Dalenta Hub.


End-to-end sales, operations, and people process for different types of businesses.

Hardware + Software

Your business in need of a complete solution? Dalenta has the right product ecosystem for hardwares and software.

Exceptional support

We go extra miles for our customers. Drop us a message or call us at our dedicated line!

100% no risk

Let our team help you migrate your data from other software for free. We also provide onboarding and training services at no additional costs!

Trusted by companies and organizations from various industries

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Exceptional support for you and your business’ future

With Dalenta, you will get an exclusive team to help you learn and understand the know-hows of our products as well as finding the best use cases to better tailor your business needs.

Data migration


Make the switch to Dalenta by simply flipping the switch. Let us handle the hard work for you.

Done-for-you onboarding


A dedicated session to set up your account and business configurations for the best experience.

Training for the team


Not only you, but we will also provide trainings for your team so that no one gets left behind.

Face Recognition Device

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